What is numerology?

The numbers are perhaps one of the most perfect and highest human concepts. Numerology is the discipline that studies the secret code of this wonderful vibration and teaches us to use it to our advantage.

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What is Numerology ?

It is the discipline that studies the energy vibration of numbers and their influence on people, businesses , animals, objects , etc. .

Who was the creator of this discipline?

In the year 530 BCE Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher , methodically developing the relationship between the planets and their numerical vibration. I call it ” music of the spheres .” I also affirm that words have a sound that vibrates in tune with the frequency of the numbers. It would be a facet of the harmony of the universe and the synchronicity of the laws of nature.


What used numerology ?

Basically , knowing a person’s full name and date of birth , you can discover your personality, your natural talents , their inner world , their spiritual challenges , their fate and the way in which it will transit to perform. It also allows you to explore the karma that the person brings their past lives. Try the Numerology calculator to see what results you get!


How many numbers are used in this system?

According to Pythagoras , in numbers ranging from 1 to 9 is the basis of all the others . If a calculation beyond simple numbers , it should be reduced by adding the digits together.


Are there other numerological systems?

Many numerology systems. The ancient Babylonians , Egyptians, Hindus and Essenes , and the sages of the Arab world , were masters at finding the hidden meaning of the figures. The most accepted numerological system, then the Pythagorean , which is associated with the Hebrew kabalah .


What differs from the previous ?

The correspondences between letters and numbers are different. Kabbalists do not accept that the numerical values ​​of a letter are different from the next. For example , in the Pythagorean system to the letter I corresponds to number 9 and the letter J the number 1. In the Kabbalist , both letters are allocated vibration number 1. Kabbalists also do not use the number 9.


Why Is The Number 7 Considered Sacred?

Is considered to represent the spiritual profile of all existence , while 9 is associated with the earthly. It takes into account the creation of the world in 7 days described in Genesis, and Seventh Heaven, often mentioned in the Bible. The seven churches , seven seats, seven seats , 7 days march around the walls of Jericho. There are seven generations from David to the birth of Jesus . Ezekiel speaks of the seven angels of the Lord , that come and go throughout the earth . In all religions, the number 7 is a key .


Why 9 is associated with the earthly ?

For starters, if you add all the numbers in our system [1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 ] , we get 45 , which in turn adds 9 . Indestructible is a number , as many times you multiply or add your own multiple is still obtaining 9 , which does not happen with any other number . For example : 9 +2 = 18 [ 1 +8 = 9 ] , 9×3 = 27 [ 2 +7 = 9 ] , and so on. Researchers have discovered that global changes occur every 180 years fiery consequences [ 1 +8 +0 = 9] . The 360 ​​degrees of a circle add up to 9. It is said that Jesus expired at nine in the evening. One Earth day has 1440 minutes ,totaling 9. The human heart beats an average of 72 times per minute, back to 9. But most significant is that humans need 9 months of gestation to birth.


Is it true that 666 is the number of the Beast ?

The association is done is that 6 +6 +6 sum 18, which is reduced 9, the number associated with the earthly, the instinctive, the densest forces.


How do you think the number 0 ?

It represents power . The more we add zeros to a number, the more powerful will turn : 1, 10, 100,000 , 1,000,000. He is considered the number of eternity, the snake eating its own tail .

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